Why, what, who, where and when

As this is my first blog I will try to keep it concise. I do love using creative writing to illustrate my point, connect with your imagination and entertain you but those delights can await you on another day.

Mark at the beautiful glass houses in Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh 2019

Why does this site exist?
Health and wellbeing is about more than exercise and good nutrition there is also a philosophical and psychological side to us very complicated humans and there is evidence that we have been wrestling with optimum health since recorded time. All you have to do is read an ancient story like the Mahabharata, ancient Roman nutritional experiments, Ayurveda or some of the works of Shakespeare and we can see that technology may have changed but humans have not. I believe, and hope to prove to you by inspiring you to practice what you learn here, and you know intuitively, that if you get your movement, nutrition, connection with nature and or work/life/financial balance wrong you can easily lose your euthymic rhythm. What does that mean? You will become temporarily depressed, anxious, agitated, manic or all the above. A euthymic rhythm tends to be measured between 0-10, 5 being the ideal. When at 5 you can describe yourself as being euthymic or in a state of euthymia. A happy, productive and calm state. In the yoga world perhaps this state would be called samadhi. This is up for debate. Let’s leave that for another day. If you near 0 you are very depressed and likely need help from health professionals or loved ones. Likewise if you near 10 you are way too manic and although that high will feel good it is also not a good state to be in for long and you may regret your actions. It is natural for us all to fluctuate in these moods and levels of energy but if we want to be at our optimum it is best to aim for a euthymic state.

What am I trying to do?
I am trying to be in optimal health in body and mind for my age as I am now and I want to help and inspire others to do the same.

Who am I?
My name is Mark Smith and I am a yoga teacher and nutritionist living in Edinburgh, Scotland. Pre covid lockdown you could find me teaching yoga and meditation at various venues, you could come along to a nutrition talk, volunteer for teacher training in the Macmillan Cancer Support Gentle Movement programme which I delivered throughout Scotland or you could see me in the library working on my first novel, The Great Oak. Hopefully some or all of that will restart soon! The reason I tell you this is not only to display some experience but also to build up trust.

Where am I and where can I help?
If you live in Edinburgh East or Central I’d love to see you at a in-person class however with the new technologies and events in the world anyone can join my online classes. If you are interested in the schedule please you’ll find it here: https://app.ubindi.com/Mark.Smith/

When is the right time?
With half of the worlds population either obese, depressed or anxious and the proven benefits on survival chances from a covid 19 infection if you are not overweight the time is most definitely now. I was going to wait until my book was finished or my iOS app that I’m writing to aide this page but instead I’ll just share with you the development process of those projects while we all connect to our inner wisdom and get centred, fit and healthy.

I hope that you find benefit from my work. Peace and Love, Mark

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