Searching for some light? Look to your centre

Scottish winters can be difficult. This musing was written in 2016 as it is not yet November we still have time to practice stillness to find the joy within.

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As I sit watching the mid November Sun setting at 4pm and the ice that failed to thaw grow in stature.
As the stresses of Winter and the strains of the festive season approach. 
As I hope desperately for the willpower not to stray too far from good habits and stay healthy and happy during the dark winter.
I search for the light within.
Moving to my centre I find stillness, courage, inspiration.
As I move back out I bring warmth and Love.

Through Yoga we can look within, we can use it as a mirror to know ourselves. I encourage you to spend some time to sit and be still after your asana practice and reap the unfathomable benefits for body and mind. Yoga is after all as Patanjali put it 2500 years ago, “The cessation of the fluctuations of the mind.”

Wiser people than I have written about returning to our centre and I share with you the famous words of Boethius 480-524AD from The Consolation of Philosophy:

Imagine a set of revolving concentric circles. The inmost one comes closest to the simplicity of the centre, while forming itself a kind of centre for those set outside it to revolve around. The circle furthest out rotates through a wider orbit and the greater its distance from the indivisible centre point, the greater the space it spreads through. Anything that joins itself to the middle circle is brought close to simplicity, and no longer spreads out widely. In the same way whatever moves any distance from the primary intelligence becomes enmeshed in ever stronger chains of Fate and everything is freer from Fate the closer it seeks the centre of things.

Boethius, The Consolation of Philosophy.

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