Mark is kind and caring and humorous (bad Humour but he tries).

He has helped people from many different walks of life. Athletes, elite yogis, cancer patients, wheel chair users and people suffering from long term mental health issues. Due to this he has developed a softer approach, yes he will push you to be your best but he will not judge in any way, especially if you can not do a particular asana as it is prescribed in a traditional text. Variations and adaptations are great and he loves to see people making progress.

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Mark Smith – Yoga teacher, nutritionist. Loves nature, creative writing and dabbles in iOS development.

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See my first blog entry for a detailed overview of who I am, what I do and why I am doing it. Why, What, Where, When
Here is a brief version of that comprehensive post. I am 44 years old and love to learn and practice anything that stills the mind, balances the mood and brings the body to its optimum. Since struggling to find a healthy balance in my late teens I have learnt many techniques that I practice to this day and would like to share with you.I hope you enjoy this site.I wish you health and happiness. Mark

Back bending to bird song

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