Tame your Food Dragon – Boost your Brain!

The above picture is my attempt at drawing an untamed dragon. We all have them and they are nasty as they leave scars in your way of life and affect your health. For example I love dark chocolate but if my food dragon is untamed I’ll binge on way too much per day and feelContinue reading “Tame your Food Dragon – Boost your Brain!”

An Ocean Wave

A spontaneous attempt at poetry. Do you like it? Leave a comment and let me know. Mark An Ocean wave crashes violently upon the shore  with a soothing melody.Repeating. TshhhhRepeating. TshhhhRepeating. TshhhhSinging a lullaby, reassuring disconnected hearts  that Nature is with them.Nurturing. MmmmDestructive.Nurturing. MmmmThe Yin and Yang of the beaches.The ebbing, flowing water line theContinue reading “An Ocean Wave”

Tong Len

The Great Oak is not a religious book but a big thank you to Ringu Tulku Rinpoche for teaching me the wonderful practice of Tong Len. Tibetan for Giving and Receiving, a profoundly powerful mediation suitable for all religions and none. This is a chapter, sneak peak from my Novel, The Great Oak. If allContinue reading “Tong Len”

Searching for some light? Look to your centre

As I sit watching the mid November Sun setting at 4pm and the ice that failed to thaw grow in stature.As the stresses of Winter and the strains of the festive season approach. As I hope desperately for the willpower not to stray too far from good habits and stay healthy and happy during the darkContinue reading “Searching for some light? Look to your centre”

Why, what, who, where and when

As this is my first blog I will try to keep it concise. I do love using creative writing to illustrate my point, connect with your imagination and entertain you but those delights can await you on another day. Why does this site exist? Health and wellbeing is about more than exercise and good nutritionContinue reading “Why, what, who, where and when”