Welcome to Euthymia

Knowing how to bring our mind and body from a strong mood or emotion to a calm, centred and joyful state enables us to live happier, more productive lives and strengthens our resilience and resolve. This site playfully uses creative writing, tutorials, musings, pictures and poetry to teach the importance of ethics, nutritional science, psychology and yoga.

Mind is the chief and the rest will follow so let us focus our attention on what is going on in the mind. If we learn to use a mind first approach we can start to understand how our mind works and how it affects the body when practicing our healthy habits and yoga. We also get to learn how our bad habits affect the mind and body. We all know that eating too much refined sugar can make your blood glucose levels soar but did you know that some studies link high sugar intake to depression? Using a mind first approach is essential. If we do it this way, it doesn’t really matter whether we can twist ourselves into a pretzel or not, if we are too fat, too weak, too old. None of that matters if we choose the mind first approach. I hope this site is of benefit to you. If it is and you can’t come to class then buying me a coffee would really help! This site will always be ad free. Enjoy.

An Ocean Wave

A spontaneous attempt at poetry. Do you like it? Leave a comment and let me know. Mark An Ocean wave crashes violently upon the shore  with a soothing melody.Repeating. TshhhhRepeating. TshhhhRepeating. TshhhhSinging a lullaby, reassuring disconnected hearts  that Nature is with them.Nurturing. MmmmDestructive.Nurturing. MmmmThe Yin and Yang of the beaches.The ebbing, flowing water line theContinue reading “An Ocean Wave”

Tong Len

The Great Oak is not a religious book but a big thank you to Ringu Tulku Rinpoche for teaching me the wonderful practice of Tong Len. Tibetan for Giving and Receiving, a profoundly powerful mediation suitable for all religions and none. This is a chapter, sneak peak from my Novel, The Great Oak. If allContinue reading “Tong Len”